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First issue of 2020 is now out

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The notion of responsibility is at the heart of not only the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine, but also of international criminal justice and responses to mass atrocities more broadly. The global pandemic the world currently faces forces us to rethink how we conceive of responsibility today, and the implications for the international community’s ability to respond to mass atrocities. This is all the more crucial as we ponder on the fifteen years anniversary of the World Summit Outcome Document establishing the R2P doctrine we continue to refer to today. We discussed these subjects with the UN Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect, Dr. Karen Smith, in an interview with which we are opening this issue.  The scope of this issue is vast, ranging from articles on the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar and tensions between counterterrorism and R2P to evidentiary challenges of new technologies in international criminal trials and the European Union’s relation with R2P.

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